1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop – Retirement Plan

Seems everyone has a vision for their retirement. For some, it’s a trip around the world. Others dream of skydiving or being wicked at shuffleboard. For Jim Brockhaus, retirement means this Bahama Blue ’67 Mustang hardtop he shares with his wife, Nancy.

Unlike many who buy classic Mustangs, Jim wanted something that was already restored and ready to drive. That said, we don’t know much about what went into this Bahama Blue Mustang’s restoration, which was performed by a previous owner at RDW Restorations in Reno, Nevada. What we do know is how crisp this daily driver restoration is. We also understand the retro nature of the hardtop, which has Ford dealer-installed underdash air conditioning, wire-style wheel covers, AM eight-track stereo, and tilt steering column. For enhanced convenience and safety, the restoration also includes power steering and power front disc brakes in a new-for-’67 dual braking system.

Underhood is a spirited 289ci small-block sporting a flat-tappet aftermarket hydraulic camshaft, Cobra high-rise induction topped by an Autolite 4100 carburetor, PerTronix electronic ignition, aftermarket Cobra valve covers and open-element Hi-Po air cleaner, and Shelby tri-Y long-tube headers. Ford’s reliable C4 Select Shift automatic makes cruising easier, especially when splined to a 3.00:1 8-inch axle.

Although eight-track tapes are becoming older and certainly harder to find these days, Jim finds them all over the place in his travels. Some work, some do not. But there is no equal to the feel of classic stereo sound and that occasional click when the tracks change. For its time, eight-track sure beat AM radio during time behind the wheel.

When Jim attends car shows, there’s a certain fascination with his dealer-installed Ford air conditioning. We have to admit, it looks bolt-on and afterthought, yet it is a rare piece in Ford circles. It remains in surprisingly good shape considering its age. Everything is still there.

Jim will tell you his primary motivation with this car isn’t showing or trying to make it something it is not. It’s really about the driving experience and the thumbs-up he gets from others while doing so. All in all, this ’67 hardtop is quite the retirement plan.