2014 Ford Mustang To Be Available As Right Side Drive

Although it has been common knowledge for quite some time that Ford will be replacing the current Mustang with a new version based on a “global” chassis in 2014, it hasn’t been totally clear exactly what that means. Will Ford be using the new chassis for other exported models or will the Mustang itself be sold overseas? Well if a recently published article is to be believed things seem to be pointing to the later.

According to an article published by UK car magazine, Auto Express, the 2014 Ford Mustang will indeed be exported overseas and for the first time ever as a right side drive. The Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo already follow this approach, and it means there is a business case for producing right-hand-drive Mustangs in the States and shipping them to Europe. But the UK won’t be the only right-hand-drive market the car is offered in; Australia and Japan will take the car too.

Auto Express was also able to divulge a few other juicy tidbits including that the 2014 Mustang will be powered by, among other engines, a 2.5L turbo four cylinder making over 300 horsepower. That’s pretty interesting considering the conflicting report we heard of just the other day saying that the four banger in the Mustang would be a 2.3L like in the mid 80’s SVO.