2014 Ford Mustang will be completely revamped, redesigned

Alright – here is a really short, but interesting bit of news. Out at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show Ford’s Group Vice President J Mays told reporters that the company plans on introducing a redesigned version of the Mustang for the 2014 model year. That means the 2014 Ford Mustang will arrive in late 2013.

Mays said that the redesigned and revamped Mustang will be tied into the model’s 50th anniversary.

The new Ford Mustang is a very important one for Ford as General Motors’ Chevrolet Camaro has ended ints 24-year run as the top-selling U.S. sports car in 2010. This year, the Camaro continues to beat the Mustang through August – 63,255 to 51,564.