Ford Mustang Fan Names Performance Package, Wins Lease

Ford wanted to rename the 2012 Ford Mustang V6 Performance Package and turned to Facebook fans by enticing them with a Mustang three-year lease prize. The “You Name It” contest started in November 2010 and “Mayhem”, submitted by a North Carolina resident, was the top-voted name among over 3,000 submissions.

The Mustang Facebook page currently has over 1.3 million fans and Ford saw an opportunity to cash in on the pony car’s popularity. “The contest was twofold,” said Brian McClary, Ford social and emerging media specialist. “It let us engage with fans by letting them have a say, and it helped build awareness for the package.”

The newly named Mustang Mayhem Package improves handling dynamics with a few of the Mustang GT’s components (front and rear stabilizer bars, brake calipers, and front and rear shocks and springs), a 3.31 rear axle for quicker off-the-line acceleration, unique badging, 19-inch wheels, blacked-out side view mirrors, reprogrammed stability control, and a rear lower control arm pulled from the Shelby GT500. The Mayhem Package costs $1,995.

Mayhem beat out other possible package name submissions such as “Stampede”, “Mustang Sally”, and “Thouroughbred.” What do you think of the new name and what would you have named it?