Ford Mustang Sales Up 17% in September

Ford Motor Co. recently released its sales figures for the month of September. This September the company sold 5,760 Mustangs. In September of 2009 the company sold 4,917. That’s an increase of 17.1 percent year-over-year. In all, Ford has sold 58,854 Mustangs this year. Last year at this time they had sold 51,680.

In August, Ford sold 5,570 Mustangs. They beat this by selling 190 additional Mustangs in September. Not a huge difference, but an increase at that. Meanwhile, over at Chevy, they sold 6,321 Camaros in September and have sold 66,508 for the year. With both a convertible Camaro, and a rumored Z28, on the horizon, things are sure to stay interesting for some time to come.