Looking For Incredible Performance? Consider a Saleen For Sale

Saleen Incorporated, popularly known as Saleen, is an American manufacturer of high quality performance parts and race cars.  It was founded by famous racer Steve Saleen back in 1983.  The first Saleen models were focused on appearance, and used stock Ford engines.  As time went by, the car’s performance continued to soar.  Saleen won many races with his Mustang models, including the famous 24 hours of Le Mans, 24 hours of Daytona, and many SCCA championships.  Saleen has a huge number of different versions of the Mustang, all called the “S281”.  These include the S281 SC with a supercharged 4.6 Liter V8, providing a whopping 465 hp (347 kW); and the S281-E Extreme, wherein they have replaced the factory 4.6 liter with a Saleen-built V8 engine, increasing the power to almost 550 hp (410 kW).

Saleen manufactures rare, high-performance automobiles.  It is an automotive original equipment manufacturer and the last American small car manufacturer bearing OEM status.  Unlike other aftermarket “tuner” companies, Saleen undergoes the same federal regulation which facilitates the design and testing of their automotive products.  This is on par with the larger vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, or Toyota.  Most of their vehicles are modified versions of existing mass produced sports cars such as the Ford Mustang.  Saleen has produced over 8,000 modified Mustangs since its inauguration.

Considered to be Saleen’s flagship car is the Saleen S7, which debuted in 2000.  The S7 is a mid-engine, high-performance sports car that was first priced at just under $400,000.  The S7 won four different GT championships in 2001 and has broken records at the prestigious 24-Hour Le Mans race.  The S7 is Saleen’s first production car which was not based on any other existing car designs.

Saleen operates an assembly plant in Troy, Michigan where it continuously conducts assembly and painting for the Ford GT.  They also currently offer prototyping and show-car building services to other automotive OEMs.

As of mid-2005, Saleen discontinued the manufacturing of the “Nitrous-ready” N2O S121 Saleen Focus.  The 550 hp (410 kW) naturally-aspirated mid-engine Saleen S7[1] was discontinued right after the 2004 model year with the introduction of the Saleen S7TT although both editions are more commonly referred to as the Saleen S7.

In 2007, Saleen and American Racing Legend, Parnelli Jones, designed a limited-edition version of the Mustang.  Though often times called the Saleen-Parnelli Jones S302, it was designed to pay tribute to the legendary Boss 302 that Parnelli Jones raced back in the 1970’s.  Fully equipped with a Saleen MOD 302 cid 3-valve V8, the S302 achieves 400 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque.  On the exterior, the S302 features a new front fascia, Saleen “Shaker” hood, window louvers, and custom Saleen/Parnelli Jones edition wheels.  Production of this car was limited to only 500 cars.

The 2008 model line included the Saleen S281 RF/AF – the Red Flag and American Flag, both 465 hp (347 kW) super-powered versions of the S281.  These vehicles offer the thrill of super-powered fun at an affordable price.  Features such as the SC vented hood, SC rear wing, S281 quarter window trim, and standard S281 seating are omitted.  The Red Flag is available in black or alloy with standard red decals while the American Flag is available in torch red, vista blue, and white with red, white, blue exterior decals.  Both come standard with chrome wheels.