Secret Tips to Save Hundreds On Your Next New or Used Car Purchase

A survey conducted by CNN revealed that 75% of the population would rather visit a dental clinic than go to a car dealership. It’s not that most of us don’t want a car but the pitfalls to bargain are so many that you can’t be certain of your steps. Remember a few points while proceeding towards a car purchase.

Clear your mind of as many queries as you have. Don’t hesitate in asking your queries, make the process sensible. Don’t stop until all your concerns have been answered. Don’t show love for a car. The moment you disclose your interest, you lose your chances of a good negotiation from the dealer’s view. Letting your love to finalize the vehicle cost will end up in an unworthy negotiation either in terms of the choice of the car or the amount you pay.

Be ready with what you need by reading brochures beforehand. An open mind can be manipulated effortlessly and can end up with you taking home a car that is not meant for you & your requirements.

Don’t talk about monthly payments, instead decide the final cost. Calculate monthly payments from this lowest negotiated car price rather than calculating your monthly manageable payment amount. This is one of those tricks that a salesperson will try on everybody including you. The moment you shift your concern to monthly payments under your monthly budget, you are in a catch paying more than the deserving amount as a final cost of the car.

Follow your heart. Don’t hurry up to finish the transaction. Leave the deal & move on if it isn’t clicking. However, if everything is going well, then keep on inquiring about it until you are fully satisfied with the offer.


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