Sizing Up The Classic 1967 Mustang

When it comes to classic American muscle, a small number of cars come to mind immediately, not the very least of which is the 67 Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang initially came out of Ford’s auto manufacturing factory halfway through 1964. In fact, it was used in the famous James Bond film Goldfinger, which happened to be the first motion picture appearance for this little muscle automobile. For the next couple of years Ford Motor Company lead the industry. By the end of 1967 the tables had turned as Chevrolet introduced the Camaro and then Pontiac came into the picture with the iconic Firebird. In planning for the impending competition, Ford Motor Company went into a redesign period in order to entirely change the styling of the Mustang. Up to this particular year, there wasn’t any justification to muscling up the small sports car, but with the Barracuda and others getting ready to be unveiled to the market, the campaign was on to provide large engines in smaller racy bodies.

Changes Made In The 1967 Ford Mustang

1967 was indeed the first substantial redesign for the Mustang. There initially were a number of significant changes, including a bigger grille opening, horizontal and vertical bars, 2.5 inch increase to the front track, concave rear and bigger taillights, and smaller side scoops which were painted to match the vehicle. Although there have been several modifications to the car body as a whole, Ford Motor Company still wisely supplied the coupe, fastback and convertible choices.

Changes that Took Place in the Mustang

Whenever one thing ends, another thing typically commences, such as the motor sizing and other options for the 67 Ford Mustang. It would definitely herald the last use of the 289 Hi Po as well as the first launch of the 390 and also the 428, which had been available in the Shelby models. This was the last year for the Ford Mustang GTA and the Ford block lettering. Block lettering would not return to the Ford Motor Company lineup until 1974, information worth remembering if you’re attempting to determine the genuineness of a 67 Ford Mustang!

Famous 1967 Mustang Tidbits

Mustang and Shelby for a long time seemed interchangeable. With the 1967 Mustangs, there’s one model which is next to impossible for anyone to buy. This is the 1967 Shelby Super Snake; there’s only one of fifty of these brilliant cars left. In the late sixties, the cost of this new Shelby model was considered to be too great for selling to the general public. This lone automobile was owned and operated by the designer himself, Carroll Shelby. The automobile was great. It had an impressive 520 hp engine with a 427 medium riser with all aluminum heads. This automobile has been seen publicly online only a couple of times in the last few years at Ebay Motors, but the reserve was not met.

Last Thoughts on the 67 Ford Mustang

If you come across a true blue 67 Ford Mustang, remember how rare and valuable it is. Especially if it’s one of the rare Shelby’s or an all-original automobile. Try to locate distinguishing features like some of those listed above and check VIN’s to be entirely certain. Even a less than perfect automobile might be restorable and worth the effort to save. In any case, the 1967 Ford Mustang is a legendary muscle car!