Tips For the Best Performance Out of Your Ford Mustang

Excellent performance and absolute beauty are the foundations of the Ford Mustang’s pride. This brand of vehicle has consistently topped almost every car owner’s, or potential car owner’s, list for vehicle of choice, as its capacity to perform matches its sleek design. A Ford Mustang is a guarantee of dependability and a sure way of attracting a passerby’s eye.

Although the Mustang is built to last and a strong engine is already built in, there are still several ways on improving the mileage or fuel consumption rate out of your baby, as recommended by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency in the United States..

Your vehicle is an eye-catcher already; too much flaunting it by zooming in the streets is not advisable. Over speeding and fast acceleration with your Mustang hit three birds with one stone: decrease your car’s mileage, may cause untoward accident, and have that patrol car flag you down with a costly speeding ticket. Wake up early for work so that you will not risk the difficult choice, speeding or missing your appointment. Efficient driving is hard for most drivers but practicing it daily will help improve your  mileage by 5 to 33 per cent.

Save up to 2 percent of your mileage by removing a hundred pounds inside your Mustang. Ditch your golf clubs or any other unnecessary items for daily travel and bring them only if you’re going to use them.

For Mustangs equipped with the overdrive feature, use it to bring the speed of the engine down, thus improving your mileage. Definitely avoid running the engine unnecessarily. You waste gas, waste money, and reduce mileage with idling, so turn off the motor while waiting for somebody. Also, keep up a steady speed while on the road by using cruise control.

Get 3.3 per cent by keeping your tires inflated with the right pressure. Tires that are not properly inflated, on the other hand, reduce fuel consumption rate by 0.4. Regular engine checkup and tuning can benefit your Mustang, it will last longer and at boost your mileage by at least 4 percent.

Ten percent goes to clean air filters for improving fuel efficiency and about 1 to 2 percent on correct oil. By following the steps suggested by the EPA, you gain about a total of 50 percent. Not bad right?

Spending a lot more money to achieve this efficiency is not really necessary, although upgrades are available for your Mustangs. When checking for upgrade parts; however, make sure you do your research and check their compatibility and overall performance with your Mustang’s current parts. Again, read the manuals. Information on the parts will help you determine which parts go well together.

Taking care of your Mustang is an investment. Since it keeps you mobile, maintenance is essential. You can definitely rely on this machine, so make the best of it. The EPA has done their work by providing you guidelines, now all you have to do is follow through.