What’s the Next Special Edition Ford Mustang?

The latest special Ford Mustang to come onto the scene is the Boss 302, thanks to the return of the 5.0L V-8 and retro-inspired styling. The Mustang has had its fair share of classically themed special editions in the past, including the Bullit, Mach 1, and California Special editions. Now with the Boss 302 out of the way, there is now a space for another special edition mustang in the pipeline. Only Ford knows what should be the next special edition Mustang, but here are a few educated guesses.

Another Bullitt—A special edition that was so well received, the 2001 fourth generation was followed by a repeat performance for the 2008-09 model years. Reflecting the original 1968 Mustang from the film, the cars received retro touches both in the exterior and interior. No special edition would be complete without performance enhancements, so both cars were treated to tweaks to the engine and suspension to make the cars handle great. While it might not come out immediately, a new Bullitt Mustang isn’t a bad educated guess.

A New Mach 1—The 2003-2004 Mach 1 has it’s fair-share of fans as well. It too received body modifications to make it look like the classic Mach 1 Mustangs from 1969-70. The biggest piece on the car was the functioning shaker hood scoop, which would shake as the engine was revved. The car had the suspension tweaks and thanks to the 305 hp, DOHC V-8 it was plenty quick too. It would odd not to see Ford repeat the same success of the Mach 1 with the retro-styling of the current generation Mustang. Just taking a look at all the aftermarket parts to turn a new mustang into a Mach 1 clone is proof enough.

There is about three more model years until Ford will come out with a 50th anniversary special for the Mustang and they could do something completely from now until then.